Governor Rick Snyder has pulled a complete 180 after the terrorist attacks in Paris, and is now putting a halt on welcoming Syrian refugees into Michigan.

Snyder had taken the stance that the refugees would be an asset to the states growth.  After the ISIS lead attacks in Paris, Snyder has now put his welcome program on hold.

Snyder said in a press conference that,

Michigan is proud of our rich history of immigration, but that Michigan's priority is protecting the safety of our residents."

There are a handful of other states that are starting to adopt the same policy, but the real question is why?

There are reports that a Syrian passport may be linked to one of the suspects in the Paris killings, but they aren't confirmed.

The confusing thing about this is that most of the Syrian refugees are just trying to find a safe place away from ISIS.  They hate the war mongering extremest group as much as we do.

So what kind of message do we send by telling them no?  Are we saying that because these people look like someone that could be in ISIS, we don't trust you?

I feel like we should be opening our doors to refugees even more now.  Showing the world that anyone that is under attack from, or stands against ISIS, is welcome here.

Maybe that's just too much common sense for the world right now.

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