Guess who’s back? On Friday (May 17), Chance The Rapper drops the new single called “Groceries” featuring rap newcomer TisaKorean.

Produced by Felix Leone and Murda Beatz, the song is very bass heavy and upbeat as Chano raps about his life since achieving fame following his Grammy-winning album Coloring Book.

"Traffic, traffic, lookin' for my chapstick/Big star, Patrick, haircut look like Brad Pitt," Chance rhymes. "Five star hotel, doorman look like Braxton/Fancy carpet make her feel like J—/Make her feel like Jasmine/Make her feel like.../Make her feel like Jas/Make me feel like I choose you like I'm Ash/Take me to the box, Bandicoot, let me crash."

The song is associated with a dance created by TisaKorean who is famous for his viral dance associated with the #woahchallenge. Chance has already dropped a promo video for the track, which shows people dancing to the song in different settings. "Groceries" is expected to appear on Chance's upcoming new album. Back in February, Chance's manager Pat Corcoran revealed the highly-anticipated album would be coming out in July. Chano later confirmed a summer release, saying in an Instagram video, "Life is good so you gonna get that shit when I'm ready. July though."

This will be the Windy City MC's first album since 2016's Coloring Book, which was spearheaded by the hit single "No Problem" featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz.

Listen to Chance The Rapper's new song "Groceries" featuring TisaKorean below.

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