Consumers is rolling out a new rate plan for the summer months that might help you save some money on your energy bill.

The program is called the 'Summer Time of Use Rate' and it is designed to help customers use less power during peak hours. The idea is that if customers can focus bigger energy projects during times when the demand on the grid is less, then it will save everyone money.

You can read more about the plan from Consumers here. ABC12 talked to a Consumers rep who summed up the plan like this.

For 19 hours a day you're going to pay just one standard rate for electricity. Between two and seven p.m. you're going to pay higher rates

This will actually be easy for most people considering they will be at work or other obligations during the day. Consumers also offered up a few other energy saving ideas on their site.

  • AC Unit cleaned and tuned up
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Closing blinds during daytime hours
  • Turn off lights during the day
  • Do bigger projects like laundry during nighttime hours

If you have more questions bout how to get in on the energy savings plan, you can get them at the Consumers website.

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