Around 25,000 thousand people participated in the Mackinac Bridge walk in 2017, now some changes are coming for this years' event. The Mackinac Bridge Authority voted today for the annual walk to begin at both ends of the bridge. Walkers can now begin the walk in either St Ignace or Mackinaw City, walk 2.5 miles across the bridge, then turn around and return to the city they began in. This eliminates the need for buses to transport all the walkers back across the bridge.

If walkers really want to walk the 5 miles across the Mackinac Bridge, you will able to if you start early enough, but those walkers will have to find their own way back across the bridge.

Last year around 25,000 walkers participated in the annual Labor Day walk, but many were turned away. Hopefully, the coming changes make the walk a more peaceful day for those walking and those that live in the area.

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