Hip-hop has always been pushed by the youth. With this simply being a reality of the genre, plus the advent of the internet and it being easier to record music nowadays, the game has changed and the kids are benefitting from that. Chief Keef was just a teenager in Chicago when he first began making music in his grandmother's house in 2011. Over the years, the rapper grew into the face of Chicago drill. Now, he's an OG of sorts, even though he's just 25 years old this week, and still chugging along. Along the way, he's dropped an incredible amount of projects, at a grand total of 43, with over 30 mixtapes. XXL decided to make it easier to navigate his expansive discography by ranking everything he's dropped so far, whether it's an album, mixtape or EP.

Keef's career began with The Glory Road and Bang in 2011, the latter being the mixtape that started his local buzz. His next mixtape, Back From the Dead, in 2012, was one of the strongest of his young career, as it featured a few songs that would end up being huge for him: "Don't Like" featuring Lil Reese and "3Hunna." With all the momentum he was building, he'd soon become a Interscope Records signee, getting "Don't Like" remixed by Kanye West along the way. Up next was his 2012 debut album, Finally Rich, which eventually went gold—this would be the only album Keef ever dropped on the label. He was released from his contract and then went on a prolific run of tapes, albums and EPs, becoming something of rap sensation for his output.

Check out all of Keef's projects below, ranked all the way down to his best work ever.

See Every Chief Keef Project Ranked

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