A child was found yesterday, Tuesday, September 24th, on Windemere Avenue near Dort Highway, strapped into a car seat. Yes, I said strapped. An unidentified witness said the boy was like a turtle, walking with the car seat on his back. I cannot even imagine.

Deandre Dixon was one of many good Samaritans who stopped to help. According to Deandre, the child had no socks or shoes on, and was very thirsty. The abandoned boy drank 3 big cups of water and quote 'ate like he had never ate'.

Authorities were called to the scene, as well as medics. Police did identify the parents, and child protective services are involved. It is not known at this time if the child has been returned to his parents. I know a lot of you, myself included have strong feelings about that. How in the hell do you lose a child who is strapped to a car seat? I should preface, I don't know who was responsible for the child when he was left in the road, or how he got there - that information is not released at the time of this article.

Big shout out to Mr. Dixon for taking such great care of this little boy.

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