Karrueche Tran is prepared to testify about Chris Brown's alleged abuse in order to secure a permanent restraining order against him. With reports about the case popping up over the past few days, Brown finally responded to the situation by commenting on Baller Alert's Instagram account.

Brown denied the allegations of abuse and claimed that he was never served paperwork for the restraining order. The singer also said he was the one who needed a restraining order against Tran and her team.

“I’m so sick of these thirsty adults,” Brown wrote. “Her team is trying their best. For what? No one has served me and the lengths they are going, I should call them stalkers. What’s even more fucked up is that, they played off my past by saying I abused her. C'mon now, opening old wounds to make Kae a victim, that’s some evil shit. Sad part, y’all believe it. ‘Lever her alone.’ Provoking me to spazz so they can have something. Notice this shit happens when they need to promote something. No one cares, especially me. That’s why I’m being slandered. Nobody will care about them if my name isn't involved. I want nothing to do with her. You think I wanna chase or still be with someone who would try to destroy me?" he continued. "She doesn’t need a restraining order from me. I need one from them.”

Brown asserted his innocence and said he would never admit to guilt in another comment on the page. He also brought up his infamous assault of Rihanna in juxtaposition to his current situation with Tran.

"And I will not just accept papers from any lawyer and I will not go to court to admit guilt to further tarnish who I am,” he added. “I pled guilty in the Rihanna case because I was. I refuse to allow these evil hearted people to label me and lie because they think it will skyrocket their career. Just stay away from me.”

Read Chris Brown's comments below.

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