Uhh Oh, no more bridgecarrds? ITs about to get real hard out here these college students. The students who will lose the cards will start losing weight. LOL

Looks as if the State of Michigan isn't having it anymore.  NO more bridgecard abuse going on. IF you are a college student is looks as if you will not be able to get a bridge card solely because you are a college student come April.  I think it a good idea because the State needs all the money they can save.  We hurting in Michigan.

College students will no longer be able to take advantage of taxpayer-paid food assistance unless there is a true need, state leaders said today, cracking down on a problem lawmakers say costs taxpayers millions of dollars a year.

Under federal guidelines, college students do not qualify for food assistance except in very limited circumstances. Attending college by itself is not an approved exception, a policy the department will enforce starting in April, state Human Services Department director Maura D. Corrigan announced today.

“We’re ready to extend a helping hand to any citizen who is truly in need – including college students who care for young children and are taking the right steps toward becoming self-sufficient,” Corrigan said is a news release. “But those who don’t meet federal guidelines won’t be able to take advantage of what is meant to be a temporary safety net program.”

via State announces crackdown on Bridge Card abuse by college students | MLive.com.