Conor McGregor was caught on camera punching an old man after he refused to take a shot of his whiskey. Conor loves to stay in trouble.

At this point, I feel like this is a marketing tool to keep Conor's name relevant. Almost in the same realm as Floyd Mayweather when he buys a new watch or says something controversial. But Conor's tactic's are a bit more primitive. Like punching an old man.

I understand Conor has been more focused on promoting his Proper Twelve ( I've tried it, it's pretty good) but punching people when they say no isn't good drinking manners. No word yet on a lawsuit, but this is an Irish bar so I wouldn't be surprised if no charges are pressed. Fights happen every hour in an Irish pub. Plus the old man didn't seem fazed at all from being punched by the former UFC "Champ Champ". That old man needs a title shot.

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