Consumers Energy is helping local businesses and ultimately local shoppers in Michigan this holiday with their "Our Town" gift cards. Gift cards provided by your local Chamber of Commerce that will match you dollar for dollar. That's nuts!

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Consumers Energy is providing $3,000 to $40,000 to Chambers of Commerce and downtown organizations across the Lower Peninsula. Shoppers can earn the matching dollars when they buy gift cards directly from local participating organizations. The Our Town support will be available while gift cards last.

This is a huge play from Consumers Energy! People are really struggling this year with COVID-19 destroying small business and tons of workers being furloughed, money is really tight in 2020. This "Our Town" is precisely what people need right now to get through this holiday season. Small businesses need love too snd Consumers Energy understands how critical it is to support our community right now.

So before you head out to make those last-minute purchases this holiday season check with your local Chamber Of Commerce for a chance to double your money.

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