Crack out your wallets and get ready for 2021 because Consumers Energy just announced that their rates are about to increase in January.

The last thing anybody wants to do is pay more money, especially after dealing with COVID-19 with tons of people out of a job.

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 Michigan regulators have approved a $100 million electric rate hike for Consumers Energy, authorizing the state’s second-largest utility to bill the average residential customer about $9 more per month starting in January.

Consumers say the increase will help fund the upgrades to its distribution center and to meet its clean energy goals by retiring coal miners. Some of the funds will also be used to maintain trees hanging around power poles which contributes to a ton of power outages in Michigan every year.

This is great news, kinda. Yea you'll see an increase on your monthly bill and I understand that no one especially in Flint wants to pay more for any bill. But we hopefully will experience fewer power outages going forward with a chunk of that cash being dedicated to maintaining trees hanging close to powerlines.


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