The idiot of the day is the crazy boyfriend who kidnapped his girlfriend in hopes she'll marry him.  I've heard of crazy love but this takes the cake.  Jesus, take the wheel.

Thomas Martin Pfieffer, 22 years old, was arrested and charged after he kidnapped his girlfriend and daughter attempting to put a ring on it.  Virginia Valdez, 23 years old, was not looking forward to spending the rest of her life with her bizarre boyfriend and now we know why.

According to Baker City Herald, Thomas attempted to drive the family to Las Vegas to get married.  Valdez waited until they arrived at a gas station and decided to cause a scene in order to be rescued.  The kidnapped girlfriend laid on the ground and started screaming which alarmed people at the gas station to call the police.

Thomas Pfieffer has been charged with kidnapping, menacing, coercion, fourth-degree assault, harassment and unlawful use of a weapon. It looks like Pfieffer will be facing minimal of 5 years in prison if convicted of kidnapping, if found guilty.  I don't think he'll be able to fight the charges but I could be wrong.

Ladies, please be careful who you decide to enter into a relationship with because he might just be crazy.  Whatever happened to just going to buy a ring and praying she says yes?

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