Jesus take the wheel.  Today's idiot of the day goes to a crazy uncle who was convicted for tattooing his 3 year old with homemade tools.  Crazy right?

Cruz Tenorio is the bizarre uncle who decided to tattoo his three year old nephew with the letter 'I' using homemade tools. The 29 year old male from Kewa Publeo, New Mexico decided it was a grand idea to permanently mark his nephew.  I don't think anyone else on the planet earth would think this was the right thing to do.

Federal prosecutors sentenced Tenorio to six months in a halfway house and restitution for his senseless act.  The 3-year-old will receive as much medical and psychological services as needed plus the removal of the tattoo.

Tenorio plead guilty to the charges in March 2013.  The crazy uncle didn't use proper tools or even sterilize them before tattooing his nephew.  I believe this Tenorio received a light sentence with only six months in a federal halfway house.  This is another form of child abuse and should not be tolerated.

Do you think the six month sentencing was too light for this bizarre criminal act?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

via HuffingtonPost