Dame Dash has just been arrested for outstanding child support payments, but the thing is, he's apparently already managed to pay it off.

According to a report TMZ published on Wednesday afternoon (Nov. 20), police picked up the music mogul after he entered a courtroom to try to resolve two arrest warrants for unpaid child support payments he owes his ex-wife Rachel Roy and former flame Cindy Morales. He's got two daughters with Roy and a son with Morales. Back in March, it was reported that Dame owed both of them nearly $400,000 in child support. 

Dame tells the media outlet that he traveled to a Manhattan courthouse in order to pay over $1 million for one warrant. From there, Dame says he prepared to travel to another courthouse to pay off the other warrant. Dame says seven policemen, all of whom he describes as being "incredibly kind and cooperative with him" arrested him as he was about to make his way over to the other courthouse. After he was cuffed and processed, Dame says police took him to Brooklyn so he could pay off his other warrant.

The last time Dame had to deal with child support warrants, he made it clear he was willing to do whatever it took to clear his name.

"For some reason when I was in L.A., I got all these warrants saying I didn't pay child support," Dash said. "I’ll sit in jail for three or four days or whatever they want me to do. I’m an innocent man. There’s no reason for me not to turn myself in. I’m sick of my name being compromised."

Now that he's paid up, it looks like Dame's got nothing to worry about.

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