Dave Chappelle recently released two new Netflix specials, and of which focused a lot on Detroit and Chappelle bombing hard in Detroit. Now thanks to twitter we know who to blame for Chappelle's Detroit disaster.

Detroit is a tough crowd to perform in front of. Don't believe me? Watch 8 Mile.

Chappelle learned the hard way though that not only is the Detroit crowd not always a friendly crowd, but that smoking with one of Detroit's biggest rappers isn't such a good idea either.

During Dave Chappelle's latest stand up show 'The Age of Spin: Dave Chappelle Live at the Hollywood Palladium', the comedian reveled the reason that he bombed in Detroit was because he was hanging out with a certain rapper, took two hits of the Detroit rapper's weed, and was so high he bombed hard.

Don't remember how hard he bombed? Here's a refresher....

So who was the rapper that got Dave so high he couldn't perform? None other than Detroit's own Danny Brown.

Danny Brown screenshot a tweet asking Brown if he was the rapper behind getting Chappelle stoned out of his mind and Brown responded with this on his instagram...

Pro Tip: Don't smoke weed with Danny Brown and attempt to perform.


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