Davison's Tammy Zimmerman Hickey is reaching out to the public in hopes she can be reunited with her birth daughter, who was adopted nearly 41 years ago.

The internet and social media have helped to make the very large world a very small place. Friendships, which would have likely dissolved from sheer lack of communication in previous generations, can now be kept alive via Facebook or Twitter.  Relationship maintenance aside, social media has also become, for better or worse, a popular forum for reconnecting lost relationships.

Tammy L. Zimmerman Hickey has recently taken to Facebook in hopes of reconnecting with her birth daughter, who was born at Flint's McClaren Hospital in 1975, and would've just turned 41 years old on December 27th. Her daughter was adopted through the Bay City Lutheran Adoption Agency in January of 1976, and Tammy is now asking for help with a reunion, and would "love to meet her."

These situations can sometimes be dicey, as some children of adoption have no desire to meet their birth parents, and some have no knowledge whatsoever of their adoption. However, there are likely as many cases where the person is aware of their adoption and would like to meet their birth parents, so it could go either way, really.

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