The world of professional sports has come together for justice after the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

The Milwaukee Bucks announced that they would not play in their scheduled playoff game Wednesday night in protest of the ongoing problem.

The Bucks were soon followed by the rest of the NBA, as the entire slate of playoff games in Orlando came to a screeching halt. The rest of the sports world was quick to follow suit with the MLB, MLS, WNBA.

If you are not a sports fan, then the gravity of what is happening right now may be lost on you. This is an event that has never happened before, and speaks volumes about how important the issue of racial injustice is to our society today. The fact that a billion dollar industry can come to a complete stop is huge.

The Detroit Lions were one of the first organizations to take action after the shooting of Jacob Blake. The Lions walked out of practice to make a simple statement that the world can't go on like this.

The Lions may have helped the Milwaukee Bucks make their decision not to play in last nights playoff game.


As the reality set in that there were no games on Wednesday night, news broke about a meeting in the bubble to discuss what to do with the rest of the season. The early rumors were that the remainder of the NBA season would be cancelled. Now it looks like that decision will be made at an 11am meeting today.

Some notable Detroit Pistons players chimed in Wednesday night on social media to show support for the Bucks players, and the rest of the NBA.

So where will this all go? I don't think anyone knows, but we are definitely at a tipping point in America. Things cannot continue the way they are going right now or we will tear ourselves apart.

I do think that justice will be served and it's up to us to decide if that justice is done peacefully with actual change or if it is going to be handled with force.

I 100% support and applaud the movement happening right now in sports. I hope that the rest of the country will come together the way that all of professional sports has to demand change.

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