In my opinion Josh Smith is a very talented NBA player so when the Detroit Pistons acquired him from the Atlanta Hawks a couple of years ago I was more than ecstatic.  Add point guard Brandon Jennings to the mix and you pretty much get an unstoppable scoring machine.Now fast forward a couple of years and we all have the luxury of having hindsight, and most people will agree that the 4 year/$54 million contract was a horrible investment.

But I still think Smith is an enormous talent and it still could have worked without cutting Josh Smith and throwing the $26 million we still owed him away.

Yes he doesn't pass the ball and he shoots way too much from the outside, and he could be an absolute monster in the paint if he ever decided to go down low, but that's Stan Van Gundy's and the rest of the coaching staff's job to coach him to be a better player and making better decisions.