The Detroit Lions are excited to have Jeff Okudah in The D, and this week Okudah let everyone know that he was just as excited to be in Detroit.

Okudah was drafted third overall by Detroit out of Ohio State, and is expected to make an immediate impact on the field. The problem is that sometimes players have not been very willing to come to Detroit because of our losing history. Okudah confirmed that is not the case on Twitter this week.

The Lions had their sites set on Okudah as soon as it became obvious that Darius Slay would not be in a Lions jersey in 2020.

The ironic part about the Lions going after Okudah is that he played his college ball at Ohio State. There are no Michigan football fans that like Ohio State, in fact it might be one of the few things that Sparty and Wolverine fans can agree on. Lions fans were able to look passed all of that though to welcome Okudah to Detroit.

All football fans know though that all of the hype and accolades that happen before the season don't really mean anything until we see Okudah on the field. Who knows when that will be with the Coronavirus pandemic going on. We do know that he will have big shoes to fill, and the expectations have never been higher.

Okudah talked to Lions CB Glover Quinn about the process of playing in the NFL and some of the things he will have to do to live up to his potential. The audio of the interview is not great, but you can watch the video here.

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I am one of the foolish Lions fans that go into every single season full of optimism, and I think the Lions have a very good chance of making the playoffs this year. With a healthy Stafford, a revamped receiving core, and an upgraded ground game,  the offense looks good. Okudah will make an immediate impact on the defensive side, and I think that will translate into wins.


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