We just can't say it enough. Those working on the frontlines during the pandemic are truly heroes. From our first responders, to those in the medical profession, these are the men and women that put their lives on the line every single day.

Today the station had the honor of delivering lunches to the some of the amazing staff at Hurley Medical Center.  Lunches were made possible by the wonderful listeners in the community that purchased our Here for Good Flint shirts. Along with the incredible staff at Blondies Food & Spirits, we were able to provide lunches as a way of saying "thank you " to these local heroes.

Standing there at the hospital meeting these men & women was an honor and a little bit emotional. I kept looking at their eyes and wondering about all they had seen in just a few short months. They show up every day to save lives and cure the sick, but this...this place we are in right now is different. I thought about their normal way of care being completely changed. I wondered how many cases they had seen, how many families they had to pass along information to, how many hands they had held knowing they were the only person with that patient at the end.

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As I stood with them and chatting briefly, I was able to say thank you on behalf of all of us. This special group seemed so gracious and humble for the outpouring of support they have received from the community. At one point, one hero said she considered us, the station, to be heroes for supporting them. At that moment I was more overwhelmed with emotion than I imagined.  Us? The station? No. We are just people on the air trying to spread some joy and play a little music. We are not heroes. You on the frontline...you are the heroes, and the group at Hurley are angels. They are selfless wonderful individuals that are making a difference each day.

So thank you to the incredible staff of Hurley Medical Center for allowing me a few minutes of you time today.  I am grateful and honored to have met you all. Stay safe and stay healthy... you are appreciated and loved.


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