Rick Ross was scheduled to perform Saturday (June 21st) in Detroit, but the 'No Fly Zone' was enforced by Trick Trick, before Ross could even get into Chene Park.

What's the 'No Fly Zone' you ask?

It's the unwritten rule that basically says any rapper that is performing in the city of Detroit, needs to reach out to Trick Trick prior to coming into town.

Ross tried to pull into Chene Park around 11pm when his car was met by at least 100 people, denying his entry.  Concert organizers say that they tried everything within their power to get Ross on stage, but eventually told the crowd that Ross would not be performing.  Ross responded on twitter with the following sarcastic tweet.

So was Trick Trick really behind it?  There are some posts on his Twitter account that would support it, like this one.

The No Fly Zone is usually reserved for rappers that are associated with some sort of beef involving Trick.  So it would make sense that Ross fell victim, especially since Trick Trick went out of his way to welcome Lil Boosie to Detroit on the very same night.

So what do you think?  Was Trick Trick responsible for Rick Ross' no show on Saturday night?

If so, do you think that one rapper/businessman should have control of who can and cannot perform in 'The D'?

If you still need more 'No Fly Zone' details, just check out Trick Trick and Royce da 5'9 talk about it below.

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