Trick Trick has reinstated the No Fly Zone in Detroit, but this time it has nothing to do with music.

Trick spoke to crowds that had gathered at a rally on the west side of Detroit. The rally was organized by the Detroit City Council President, in cooperation with the Detroit Association of Black Organizations. Trick Trick took to the podium during the rally to make the announcment.

I'd like to re-initiate the No Fly Zone to all those folks coming across Eight Mile and county lines to be disruptive in my city. I am patrolling these streets daily and I will roll up on you. You aren't going to tear up my city

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If you arent familiar with the No Fly Zone, this was a concept that Trick Trick put in place for artists coming to Detroit that he may have had trouble with in the past. Trick was not the only notable Detroit artist at the rally either, Royce Da 5'9 and Icewear Vezzo were also at the rally.

The message at the rally was clear, that the peaceful protests were welcome, but nobody wanted to see destruction take over the city. The truth about who has been causing a lot of the problems at these rallies has started to come forward.


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