After a long, expensive wait, the Q Line in Detroit is not getting the rave reviews that the developers expected.

It seems like Detroit would have learned from the People Mover, but the Q Line is proof that some Detroit officials won't ever give up on a bad thing.

The Not So Pure Michigan spoof of the Q Line nails it when they describe the new transit system as "The People Mover Part 2.'

Some of the admirable features that are pointed out in the video include:

  • 25 minute wait times
  • Stopping for pretty much everything and anything
  • Top speed of 30mph
  • No access to the Q Line outside of the city

Things are definitely looking up in Detroit, but the long awaited Q Line might not be what was needed most.

I guess the mass transit authorities will have to go back to their original ideas for getting people around in Detroit . . . RICKSHAW!


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