Big Sean is claiming to have hit a late growth spurt, but not everyone is buying it.

Normally most people are done growing by the time they hit their early 20's, but Big Sean claims he grew a couple of inches in his 30's. Most internet sources tell you that Big Sean stands at 5'8", but the Detroit rapper has a different story. Big Sean is claiming that he has grown two inches after regular visits to his chiropractor.

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Listen, as a 5'8" man myself, I know how much we all would love to wake up one day and be 5'10" . . . but that's not real life. Shoot, I tell people I'm 5'9" on the regular, but even I know I'm lying through my teeth.

So what is the magic behind Big Sean's sudden growth spurt?

Big Sean claims that visiting his Chiropractor twice a week straight for an entire year has helped him to grow two more inches to be 5'10".  Most people on the IG comments are just writing the growth spurt off to his hair, but there might be some truth in it.

There are no credible chiropractors that will claim that you will suddenly grow if you start to visit them, but they do claim that you can get back lost height. Don't think that just by going you'll add a couple of inches though, it's different for each person. The theory is that after years of poor posture, regular chiropractor visits can help you regain good posture, and stand taller than you currently do.

The bottom line is that nothing will make you magically grow taller, but the key to not losing any height is good posture.

If you're looking to see Big Sean and his extra two inches for yourself, you can catch him on the Cribs reboot on MTV coming August 11th.


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