Eminem’s new song “Untouchable” was the talk on social media for his blistering critique of institutional racism, but one rap group wasn’t so fond of the song.

According to Pigeons and Planes, members of the South African rap group Die Antwoord blasted the Detroit rhymer for mispronouncing their name in the song.

In the third verse of Eminem's new song "Untouchable," he raps: "I'd rather hear 'em say 'Die N-word' than Die Antwoord ("Die Ant-word") / Ninja, now it's better disguised banter."

On Friday (Dec. 9), Die Antwoord member Yolandi Visser went on her Instagram page to explain to Eminem how to pronounce the group’s name. In the clip above, Visser said that their name is pronounced “Dee Ant-wood” not “Die Antword” as Eminem rapped on the song.

In another video, Visser and co-member Watkin Tudor Jones (aka Ninja) continued to clown Eminem for mispronouncing their name. "Okay, so like, how would you feel if I called you Eeminem? Okay, your name's Eminem but I call you Eeminem, just because it rhymes with something you know."

Then, they roasted him with a petty rhyme: "Eeminem went to jail and got a bit of semen in his bum and was never seen again."

"You know, do you see how that feels?" she concluded.

Eminem has yet to respond to Die Antwoord. But fair warning, Eminem is a ferocious battle rapper so dissing him is at your own peril. We are just saying.

Check out Yolandi Visser's video above and below.

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