Fenton used to be home to an actual Pizza Hut restaurant, but it closed its doors in February of 2017 due to the building being sold. For a while, there were rumors around the Fenton area that the business would reopen in a new location. That did not happen.

Fast forward to 2022 and Pizza Hut pizza will once again be available in Fenton, you will just have to go inside of Target to get it. I spoke with some nice folks at the Fenton Target store yesterday. They did confirm that a Pizza Hut Cafe will be opening inside the store. As of now, there is no specific opening date, but it will be next month (February) sometime.

This is what I know about the new Pizza Hut Cafe,

  • Grab and Go - as in grab your own 9-inch pepperoni pizza and self-checkout
  • Pasta will be available
  • Pizza Hut Express offers a limited menu with many products not seen at a traditional Pizza Hut
  • Typically there is no seating at Pizza Hut Express locations
  • No delivery

If you have been to Target in Howell, you are most likely familiar with Pizza Hut Express, they have one as well. I already know people will be complaining about the fact that the menu is limited - who cares? I for one am just glad I will be able to enjoy a slice of Pizza Hut pizza soon.

I should also point out that Pizza Hut Express opening up inside of the Target in Fenton does not mean Starbucks is closing. Don't panic - you can still enjoy your daily Toasted  Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino with a breadstick very soon.

Target is located at 3255 Owen Road in Fenton.

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