North Flint Food Market Receives $1.25M Grant
The north side of Flint has been a food desert for some time and now it looks like that void will finally be filled thanks to a huge grant from the Michigan Community Revitalization Program.
I've lived in Flint for a long time and the lack of grocery stores is astonishing. It'...
Faygo’s New “Firework” Flavor Is Sold Out Everywhere!
What was meant to be just a limited run has turned into the most popular soft drink in a very long time. So much so that even Faygo wasn't ready for the demand and you can't find it anywhere!
It's even sold out on its online shop and prices on eBay are bouncing all over the place...
Chicken Wings Are Disappearing In Michigan Restaurants
The pandemic has doubled the price of everybody's favorite BBQ item, chicken wings! With a crazy price increase of 94% percent, most restaurants are deciding to remove chicken wings altogether.
We are definitely entering into dark times....
Earn A Free McRib For A Smooth Shave
McDonald's is bringing back the most popular sandwich in existence, the McRib and this time you'll have an opportunity to earn a free one.
The Shave 4 McRib sweepstakes will be giving out 10,000 free McRibs starting tomorrow. Now let's all agree that is indeed a lot of rib sandwiches..…
Meijer Will Limit Alcohol Purchases Before Thanksgiving
Meijer is making sure everybody has a chance this holiday to get their favorite alcoholic beverage before Thanksgiving by putting a purchase limit on individuals.
At least now you don't have to worry about people buying everything up.
Now, according to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission …

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