Myers Elementary

Did you ever sit around as a kid and invent things in your mind that you wish you could make a reality? Well a group of local third graders just had their inventive wish come true.

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A group of third graders at Myers Elementary in Grand Blanc Township recently had a very unique writing assignment. Three classes at the school had the task of becoming donut designers. Their assignment was to each write a persuasive essay on why their particular design was the best. They had to include an illustration that was self drawn of their newly designed donut, as well as give three great reasons as to why theirs should be proclaimed the best.

When they were finished, the big decision was left to none other than the staff at Flint's iconic Donna's Donuts to pick the best of the best. Donna's, along with classroom teachers Mrs. Boegner, Mrs. Nyholm, and Mrs. Wilson, narrowed it down to the top three delicious selections, and turned them into a reality.

Donna's created the Cookies N’ Cream, Strawberry World, and The Chocolate Gummy Bear donut designs. The 3 classes that participated then had the chance to sample the winning designs created by students  Addison, Emmaline and Violet.

The teachers told ABC-12 it can be a challenge to get kids engaged these days, so prompts like this get their student excited about getting involved.

No word on whether Donna's Donuts will add the new donuts to their selection, but you never know!


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