Four days after Doughboy Roc was shot and killed, a new report reveals the Detroit rapper was under federal investigation before his death.

According to The Detroit News, months before Doughboy's death, the rapper had more than $55,000 seized by U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents. Although the full scope of the investigation is unclear, sources say federal agents stopped the rapper on Feb. 28 at Detroit Metropolitan Airport and seized $55,573 in cash before he could board a flight.

Doughboy was never charged with a federal crime and signed a form claiming most of the money, which was found in his luggage, did not belong to him. According to a court filing written by Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor Anne Gabbert, the money was seized because investigators believed it was going to be used to purchase drugs or linked to a drug deal.

Doughboy's lawyer, Ivan Land, defended Doughboy, claiming he was flying to Arizona to purchase a car with the money. "My client was not a drug dealer," Land said. "He was a successful artist."

Land also revealed that he spoke to Doughboy three days before his death, as the two were preparing to reclaim the seized money. "They said, 'prove it,'" the lawyer said. "We were in the middle of working it out."

The lawyer does not believe Doughboy's shooting was drug-related and disputed that the rapper was being investigated by federal drug agents. "I don't think that if a person was in some type of trouble that they would be out in the open like that," he said.

Born Rodney Yeargin, Doughboy was allegedly sitting in a white Hyundai in Detroit when he was shot at around 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 9. The rapper was hit in his right ear and shoulder and pronounced dead at the scene. He was 29 years old.

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