Dr. Mona has been a champion for Flint since the beginning of the Flint Water Crisis, and she is proving it again.

Dr. Mona was at the front of the pack of people pointing out that there was something seriously wrong in Flint at the start of the water crisis. Since then, she has spearheaded multiple efforts to not only fix the water, but help the city as a whole. She was awarded the 2020 Fries Prize recently for improving the overall health of residents in Flint. The prize came with a $60k award, but Dr. Mona decided not to keep the money.

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Instead of keeping the $60k prize money, which she more than earned by the way, she decided to donate it. Dr. Mona announced that she has already donated the $60k prize money to the Pediatric Public Health Initiative. This is a partnership between Michigan State and Hurley Children's Hospital aimed at helping Flint children fully recover from the Flint Water Crisis.

Can I just say it here that Dr. Mona is an absolute super-hero!

She has been on the front lines of the Flint Water Crisis since the beginning, and lately has been on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic. She even contracted the virus herself, but luckily has fully recovered.

Her commitment to Flint is unmatched, and we are beyond lucky to have her fighting for our city. Thank you Dr. Mona for everything you've already done, and for all of the work you continue to do.


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