Drake admitted he's already started work on his "Take Care" album and gave some details about what he's up to. So if you can't wait any longer...read more to see what Drizzy had to say.

Drizzy said:

"I'm just back home in Toronto, working like we used to do it. Set up shop in my producer 40's apartment. It's really early though, I'm excited. A lot of the stuff that is out there, and rumored about the album is just mostly me being out there with people and realizing what great dudes and what talented people they are."

"My thing is I just wanna spit, man. I've really been compiling some great raps, and I just want to get them out. I feel like I have paint cans stored in the room, and I'm just waiting for those producers to bring the blank canvases in, so I can just splash paint and make it a beautiful thing, whoever it may be. At the end of the day, I'm sure it will be something enjoyable to listen to."