In a very sad news related story, a 3 year old by was viciously attacked by his dog along with an 8 year old boy.

In Pontiac Michigan parents decided to buy their child a dog and purchased a pit-bull from their neighbor for only $50.It was an innocent good gesture that turned out to be very heart wrenching, and almost fatal event.

The young child received the majority of the injury, he could lose an eye, while his 8 year old friend had minor injuries.

As mentioned above earlier parents bought their children the dog for only $50, when the seller of the dog heard the news according to ABC 7 in Detroit Michigan, "There was nothing when I  had the dog. I had no problem with it, no violence, no showing teeth nothing like that. The dog was never aggressive," says the neighbor that sold the family of four the pit bull.

According to the news reports the dog is in an animal shelter, the 8 year old boy has stitches and as reported earlier the 3 year old boy may lose an eye.