A Drake single is getting new life thanks to the latest internet challenge.

Drake's Scorpion album dropped nearly two years ago, but the song "Nonstop" has sparked a challenge that has recently blown up thanks to the widespread use of newer apps like TikTok and Triller. For the hilarious challenge, participants, mostly one male and one female, stand in a bathroom with the Aubrey track playing. When the MC raps his opening lines, "Look, I just flipped a switch (Flipped, flipped)," one person will turn the light switch off and back on. When the light comes back on, both people have switched outfits and are acting as the other person. Of course, people have chosen to do different variations and put their own spins on it making for some funny moments.

Even celebrities have gotten involved. Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez have since posted a hilarious #FlipChallenge video. So has rapper King Louie. The most memorable of all thus far has to be presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren and Saturday Night Live actress Kate McKinnon's reenactment.

This isn't the first time a Drizzy song has sparked a viral challenge. Back in 2018, with the help of internet comedian Shiggy, his hit single "In My Feelings" sparked arguably the biggest dance challenge of the year, the #InMyFeelingsChallenge. Drake, who has been in music mode since wrapping his 2019 tour, recently announced he is in the lab finishing his new album. On Saturday (Feb. 29), he released the new singles "When to Say When" and "Chicago Freestyle."

In other challenge-related news, Eminem recently officially kicked off his own #GodzillaChallenge where he invited fans to try to rap as fast as he can on his Music to Be Murdered By track, "Godzilla." It's a daunting task, but hundreds of people have tried their hand including a couple of celebrities.

Check out some of the best #FlipChallenge videos below.

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