The Crim Fitness Foundation announced that they would be covering costs for graduating Flint seniors this year.

The announcement came after the foundation received grants from the United Way and Community Foundation totaling around $2,000. The money will be used to pay for caps and gowns of graduating seniors at Flint Southwestern.

In a press release Lauren Holaly-Zembo, the Crim Fitness Foundation’s Vice President of Community Impact, explained why the money was so important.

Increasing graduation rates is one of the four key goals of the Flint Community Education Initiative, so making sure that students don’t have to worry about costs related to graduation is extremely important to us

The money will also be used to cover senior dues, prom tickets, yearbooks and more. Any parent of a high school student knows that the costs definitely start to add up quick. This grant money will make life much easier for not only the students, but for the families that support them.

One of the cool things about your donation, is that you get to choose where the money goes. On the donation page, you can specify if you would like the money to go towards Flint Community Schools, or International Academy of Flint. There is also an option to give the money where it is needed most.

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