There's nothing quite like Summertime in Northern Michigan. Sure, Kid Rock made that one song that really blew up some of Michigander's secret spots once the song went #1 and people from all over the country flooded the mitten state, but at least thanks to technology the entire world can see what Michigan has to offer and overpopulate places like Mackinaw Island!

There's something about Michigan that is unlike any other state in the country. I mean yeah, we have some of the most dangerous cities in the country and our unemployment rate could be better, oh and Flint still doesn't have clean water, but in the grand scheme of things Michigan isn't such a bad place to live during the Summer months.

All negativity aside, Michigan is a beautiful place to live. I mean seriously, some people will never get to experience visiting Mackinaw Island and touring all over this great state. Everyone has one thing that bothers them about their state, but when you look at this video its truly a view that not many get to call home.

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