Earlier this week we told you about a new drone service that is currently being tested in Ohio. The goal would be to one day deliver groceries from Kroger to customers via drones.

Well, now we've got drones that will apparently be saving lives at some Michigan beaches.

According to MLive, the drone will drop a flotation device at South Haven beaches when a swimmer is struggling and in danger of drowning in Lake Michigan.

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How it works

An emergency responder would be on the shore operating the drone after somehow being alerted that someone was in trouble. The drone would then be sent out over the water. Once over the struggling swimmer, the drone would drop a CO2-charged, water-activated flotation device to them. For the most part, it seems pretty simple. The drones also have an infrared camera on them so they could find swimmers in the dark.

Very few lifeguards on Michigan beaches

Despite multiple drownings at Michigan beaches every year, there are very few if any lifeguards on duty. As a matter of fact, South Haven’s North Beach and South Beach are really popular but haven't had lifeguards since 2001. The reason is usually tied to finances.

You have to admit, it's a good time to be alive as technology advances. I mean drones will soon be delivering our groceries and saving our lives at the beach. That's pretty freaking cool.

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