Michigan police will soon begin using drones to help shakedown citizens across the state. Earlier this week, the Federal Aviation Administration approved a measure that would allow local police squads to employ drones to assist with investigations.

Although a press release indicates that law enforcement will use these stealth-like machines to support efforts for search and rescue and crime scene investigations, the use of drones will undoubtedly be used to enforce the War on Drugs…and marijuana.

Of course, state police would like the average citizen to believe that the use of drone technology will lend itself to increased public safety, but in reality, it will do nothing more than violate privacy rights. Organizations like the ACLU have already stood up and voiced concerns over the use of drones to conduct unlawful surveillance on Americans.

“With drone technology holding so much potential to increase routine surveillance in American life, one key question is the extent to which our laws will protect us. The courts should impose limits on the use of drones for surveillance, prohibiting them from becoming pervasive,” according to a 2011 report.

Previous reports indicate that drones have been used to collect potential evidence against citizens that has led to SWAT raids and other unsavory encounters with the law. So, smile...they are watching.

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