Kendrick Lamar headlined Houston's "Day for Night" music festival stop, and during his set he decided to spice things up a bit by bringing up a fan to preform "m.A.A.d city". Little did he know it would be the highlight of this fans life.

Everybody knows that one friend that you can't get drunk in public. They turn into a monster and usually talk to much and/or break something. K Dot found out real quick that this fan is known as "that guy" and instead of taking the mic and kicking him off stage, he let this drunk kid have his shine. Kendrick is known to bring fans on stage to preform his songs, but I don't think he was expecting this at all. The best part about this video is the fact that this guy completely forgot the lyrics, and still entertained tens of thousands of fans. Lets hope he woke up the next day and remembered this, but if not he can cherish this video forever.

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