Dorian and Dillon want to be known as the 'Money Team', but instead they're becoming famous for being the dumbest criminals ever.

Police in Texas are looking for the two after they stole an iPad, laptop, radar detector, and cash.  Then took selfies of themselves holding money, and uploaded the photos onto the victim’s iCloud account.

As if posting pictures on someone else's iCloud account wasn't a dumb enough move, they posted the video below to their own Facebook account.

The description of the video uploaded by the victims friend describes the stupidity perfectly.

My friends car got broken into earlier this week. But the thieves ended up going to Burger King and took selfies of themselves not understanding how the Cloud works. After I posted the photos on reddit someone who went to high school linked me to "Dorian's" Facebook where he had posted this video to his timeline on January 8th.

It never ceases to amaze me how dumb some criminals can be, but we see stuff like this happen ALL THE TIME!