A man has been arrested after admitting that he intentionally sprayed a mix of mouse poison and hand sanitizer on produce and salad bars at 15 different stores in Michigan.

The Michigan Department of Agricultural and Rural Development says the stores are in Ann Arbor, Saline, Birch Run, Midland, and Flint.  They posted the complete list here.  They released a statement to the public concerning the food in question.

Out of an abundance of caution and to protect public health and food safety, consumers should dispose of any foods purchased from salad bars, olive bars and ready-to-eat hot and cold food areas from these stores between mid-March and the end of April

The good news is that there haven't been any illnesses reported yet from the mans actions, and there most likely won't be coming.

The question I have is why?  What would make someone do something like this one time, much less 15 different times?!  The FBI are currently investigating the man to find out what his motive may have been.

The list of known store locations is listed below.

  • Meijer - 9515 Birch Run Rd, Birch Run
  • Kroger - 3838 Richfield Rd., Flint
  • Millers Mini Mart - 3001 Bay City Rd, Midland
  • Walmart - 910 Joe Mann Blvd., Midland
  • Family Fare - 2026 N. Saginaw, Midland
  • Meijer - 7300 Eastman Ave., Midland
  • Busch's - 2240 S. Main St., Ann Arbor
  • Cupcake Station - 116 E. Liberty, Ann Arbor
  • Meijer - 3145 Ann Arbor-Saline, Ann Arbor
  • Plum Market - 375 N. Maple, Ann Abor
  • Target - 2000 Waters Rd, Ann Arbor
  • Tsai Grocery - 3115 Oak Valley Dr., Ann Arbor
  • Walmart - 7000 E. Michigan Ave., Saline
  • Whole Foods - 990 W. Eisenhower Pkwy, Ann Arbor
  • Whole Foods - 3135 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor