If anyone knows something about movies, its Eddie Murphy.  His IMDB filmography stretches from here to the moon (slight exaggeration).

It makes complete sense that he would host films biggest awards show, the Academy Awards, this fall.

This is an effort to return to basics — in other words, have one funny act head up the entire ceremony. In years past, the Academy has experimented with different hosting ideas, without much success.  The tipping point was this year that saw actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway emceeing what many called a disastrous show.

Not everyone is thrilled with the idea of Eddie hosting the event though.  Some point out the fact that outside of the 'Shrek' series, Eddie has had an epic run of bad movies.

This points towards my ever-running question, should a great actor be penalized for bad movies?

Eddie Murphy is not the only name in the mix for hosting duties.  Billy Crystal and Jerry Seinfeld are also likely candidates for the job.