Elon Musk is donating $480,000 to put water stations, and a new filtration system in Flint Community Schools.

The news was made public on Friday with a tweet from Flint Schools.

The donation comes from The Musk Foundation and will be a huge step forward for students in Flint.

Students have been forced to rely on bottled water for the last three years due to the Flint Water Crisis. The new system will allow students to actually drink water from the tap, which might not sound that big to you but is amazing to any student in Flint.

Musk replied to the schools tweet with a promise of even more work together in the future.

Unlike most of the money that has come in to help the Flint Water Crisis, we should see some changes made very soon thanks to Musk. School officials have said that the new water systems should be in place in all 12 buildings by January.

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