Eminem was forced to deal with a man who crept by the security while they slept earlier this month.

The story is just now surfacing thanks to TMZ reports. The intruder is a 26 year old man named Matthew Hughes. According to the reports, Hughes smashed a kitchen window, and crawled into the house. He eventually came face to face with Eminem who quickly called for security and had the man arrested.

How absolutely crazy is that this guy was able to sneak by the security, and actually get into Em's house?! Apparently there was an alarm that went off, but that didn't wake the security up. It wasn't until Em called for help that the guards were alerted.

Hughes must have just wanted to talk to Em because there was nothing stolen or broken, and no reports of any kind of physical altercations.

Hughes is still in the Macomb County Jail facing multiple charges, and a $50k bond.

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I know most people don't have much sympathy for stars living in their huge compounds, but this had to be a scary situation. Imagine walking into your living room, and there's just some guy sitting there waiting for you. That's the kind of thing that makes it hard to ever feel comfortable in your own home again.

I'm guessing there are also a few out of work security guards right now because of the incident.

Hopefully Em will be able to find some peace after this, especially considering all of the good work he's doing for Michigan during the Coronavirus pandemic.


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