Eminem has been delivering his infamous 'Moms Spaghetti' to healthcare workers in Detroit during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The cups of spaghetti are being delivered to hospital workers in Detroit for free by the Marshall Mathers Foundation. Em has said that the food deliveries will continue for the next few weeks.

Normally around this time, people would be paying way to much for a cup of Mom's Spaghetti at a music festival. Now that the festival and concert schedule has pretty much been scrapped for the year, Em and his team have found a better use for the cups.

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This has been one of the most difficult times for most people, but the tough times have also brought out the best in people. Any time I start to feel overwhelmed about the weight of everything going on right now, it helps to just take a minute and look at the all the good things people are doing to help others. I hope that will be the legacy of the Coronavirus pandemic.


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