Side Note: She looks nothing like Eminem in a wig. Trust us.

Eminem must be really kicking himself in the ass now after all these years of talking reckelessly about women now that his daughter is 21.

Yes, you are getting old when little Hailie from the Marshall Mathers LP is of drinking age. I mean everyone remembers 'I think my dad's gone crazy!' and all the lines Eminem would rap about his daughter, and now she is all grown up!

Hailiee recently posted some pics on her instagram celebrating her 21st birthday, and she's not the little girl we remember in all of daddy's songs...

Hailie (who goes by Halie Scott after her mother Kim Scott) has been pretty active on instagram lately, and its good to see that from the pics her dad's super angry lyrics hasn't impacted her life too much.

Even though her dad has been an active Go Blue fan, Hailie currently attends Michigan State University. It's good to see that she seems to be living a somewhat normal life for being the daughter of arguably the greatest rapper of all time.

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