Bikers will rally in Lansing to help support the end of Michigan's 42 year Helmet law. A lot of bikers are excited about this! The freedom to do whatever you want on the open road! But, be warned I almost guarantee that your insurance will sky rocket! You know whats the best thing about not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle? If you crash you'll just die instead of being paralyzed.

People fight for silly things, this is in the top 10 of silly things to fight for. I'm a huge fan of motorcycles but I would never take one out on the road without a helmet.

If I do happen to get into a car accident I want a small chance of surviving.

Plus helmets just look cool. Kinda like a power ranger outfit without the question of sexual preference from other people.

Still not convinced about helmets? what these videos.

Ow wait there's more!