Two local K-Mart stores are scheduled to close in Grand Blanc and Lapeer, costing hundreds of jobs for local employees.

K-Mart has made a huge push to appeal to younger customers lately by signing celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine to push their stores, but it hasn't helped in our area.

While K-Mart has not said specifically why the stores are closing, they have admitted that sales are down.

I hate to sound negative concerning the impending closings, but I personally can't remember the last time I actually went into a K-Mart.  Genesee County has pretty much every other option for customers to get the products that K-Mart sells, with more on the way.

Stores like 5 Below, And That, and the more familiar competitors (Target, Walmart, Kohls) have pushed K-Mart out of business.

With that being said, it is never a good thing to see so many people lose their jobs at once.  I hope that some new, booming business will decide to take residence in the empty building, and bring even more opportunities to our area.