Kevin Durant accepted the NBA MVP award this week, and gave an emotional speech that had even the toughest basketball fans reaching for a tissue.

KD is known as a cold blooded scorer on the court, but when he took the stage for his acceptance speech, we all saw a different side of Durant.

He started by admitting that normally he likes to talk, but this time he was a little nervous. He poked a little fun at the Oklahoma fans that labeled him, "Mr. Unreliable", and then started to speak from the heart.

Kevin talked about his dream of coaching kids, his love for the game, and his gratitude for his mom.

I can't put into words the emotions that poured out of Durant's speech, but I can say that I think I just got a new favorite player.  The highlights of the speech are in the video above, but the whole thing deserves a watch below.

Kevin Durant MVP Full Acceptance Speech


Just so you don't leave this story with a tear in your eye, and have to tell your friends that Kevin Durant made you cry . . . You should probably watch KD on the court.  You know, just to give yourself a minute to recover.