Professional sports has looked way different this year because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Commissioners from the four major sports leagues have been frantically trying to work out a safe way for their respective seasons to happen. The MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL have all taken different approaches, but none have been immune to players becoming infected with the virus.

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I can't say with 100% certainty, but it definitely feels like MLB has been hit the hardest. This makes sense considering they are the only league that is traveling from city to city. The NBA, and NHL have created bubbles for play, and the NFL is hoping to start their season asap.

The crazy part is that in Detroit, it's the Lions who have had the most confirmed cases among Detroit teams. So far, the Lions have 7 confirmed cases, while the Pistons and Tigers only have one. The Red Wings have no confirmed cases currently.

Check out the complete list of Detroit pro athletes that have tested positive for Coronavirus . . . so far.

UPDATE: News broke late Saturday that Matt Stafford has been added to the COVID list by the Lions. This does not necessarily mean that he has tested positive for Covid-19, only that he is forced to quarantine because of possible exposure.

SECOND UPDATE: The test that put Stafford on the list has been confirmed as a false positive, and he is back on the active roster.

Detroit Pro Athletes Tested Positive For Coronavirus

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