I can't relate to fighting with an opposing team sports fan, but I do know how angry I get when I am at a concert and some random clown sits in the seat I paid for. Trust me, over the years I have had many choice words with people who attempted to take my seat. Luckily, it has never escalated into fists flying.

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That was not the case at the Detroit Red Wings and Philidelphia Flyers game on Wednesday, February 9th. Two men were involved in a fistfight at that particular game. I am confident it was not over someone sitting in the wrong seat. According to Detroit Sports Nation, the Detroit Red Wings fan had been talking smack during the game and it escalated from there. Regardless of who said what, the pair ended up in a bloody brawl (as you can see in the video below).

Fighting at a hockey game is certainly not uncommon. It just most often happens on the ice between opposing players. It looks as if to me from watching the video that fellow spectators did attempt to break up the brawl until security arrived. I am guessing that the Philadelphia Flyers fan involved definitely has some facial bruises. As far as the Detroit Red Wings fan who went flying over the seats goes, I am quite sure he has one hell of a sore back. Ouch, did you see that fall?

I do not want to ever be involved in a fight like this. Please do yourself a favor, and don't sit in my seat this concert season at Pine Knob. Thank you in advance.

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